The Scrub Box Idea!

The Scrub Box came to me one day when I was looking at FB.  Everyone was sharing these subscription links and I began to read reviews to some of them.  And as I was reading all these people comments about the things they liked I realized that scrubs would be a good thing for subscriptions. We are so busy these days.  Running from school to work and work to school and shopping and cooking.  Who has time to go get uniforms for work. We don't want to stop by and try on uniforms on our off days. We want to go play with the family.  This would allow you to get new scrubs each month by just signing up online and filing out one form.  We do the shopping and send them straight to your door.  We have the latest fashions in scrubs.  You can build you uniform selection a little at a time.  Look great without breaking the bank.  Without having to remember to stop at store.  Drive to the store and spend hours looking thru to find what you want.  And how great is it to receive a gift every month.  Each month you will get a useful item free with you scrub set. Try it for at least a month.  If you love us keep the monthly subscription or if your not happy cancel anytime.  We only carry the latest scrub fashions in fabrics like rayon poly spandex cotton blend.  So they move and stretch with you.

Posted January 26th at 4:34am